Walton Twinfold Inverter Air Conditioner

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Basic Features
Cooling Capacity (watts):5275
Rated Input Power (Watts):1510
Power Supply (phase/voltage (V) /frequency (Hz) /current (A)):single/ 220-240/ 50/ 6.6
Air Circulation (m3/h):1100
Cooling Features
Compressor Type:Rotary (Inverter)
Refrigerant Type:R-410a
Refrigerant Amount (kg):1.2
Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temperature):200C – 430C
Evaporator Fin Type:Louver Fin
Condenser Type:Copper Tube Condenser
Condenser Fin Type:Slit Fin
Maximum Pipe Length:10m
ModesTurbo Mode (Maximum Cooling):Yes
ECO Mode (Power Saving):Yes
Auto Operation:Yes
Dry Mode:Yes
Fan Mode:Yes
Speed Setting:Yes (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
Auto RestartYes
Comfort CoolingYes
Air Deflection
Auto UP-Down Swing:Yes
Auto Left-Right Swing:Yes
Remote Control
Display Type:LCD
Operation/Control:Via IR (Infrared Ray)
Child Lock:Yes
Temperature Unit Change:Yes (16​0C to 310C)
Indoor (mm) [LXWXH]:Unit-1100x330x241
Packing- 1150x405x310
Outdoor (mm) [LXWXH]:Unit- 810x370x696
Packing- 935x430x740
Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg):16.3
Gross Weight (Indoor) (Kg):19.4
Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg):37.85
Gross Weight (outdoor) (Kg):43.45
Additional Features
Smart control:Yes (Through app)

Guarantee Information:

Product Replacement guarantee: 1 Year
(Note: if there are any manufacturing faults in heat exchanger & compressor)
Warranty Information:

Residential Use:
Compressor Warranty: 10 Years
Spare Parts support: 3 Years
After Sales Service: 1 Year Free

Commercial Use:
Compressor Warranty: 3 Years
Spare Parts support: 2 Years
After Sales Service: 1 Year Free
Terms & Condition :

1. This warranty does not cover the following cases –
I) Any damage due to accident, electrical fault, natural causes, negligence or improper installation.
ii) Any damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration.
iii) Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, distorted or cannot be readily recognized.
2. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in products & workmanship, subject to verification by company personnel.
3. Authority keeps the right to change, extend, correct, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

  • সকল ধরণের পণ্য কোন রকম অতিরিক্ত খরচ ছাড়াই ফকিরহাট অনলাইন শপ পৌঁছে দিচ্ছে আপনার হাতে।
  • ফকিরহাট অনলাইন শপ কোন প্রকার পণ্যের উৎপাদনকারী নহে। সুতরাং পণ্যের গুনগতমান ঐ পণ্যের উৎপাদনকারী প্রতিষ্ঠানের উপর নির্ভরশীল। তবে ফকিরহাট অনলাইন শপ দিচ্ছে পণ্যের বাহ্যিক অবস্থাসহ পণ্যের মেয়াদ উর্ত্তীনের সময়সীমা ইত্যাদি বিষয়ের সঠিক নিশ্চয়তা।
  • পণ্যের যেকোন ধরনের সমস্যা থাকলে সেই পণ্য ফেরতযোগ্য।
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