Do you make refunds?

We will gladly make refunds with a credit to use in the next purchase. For Fakirhat Online Shop to accept a refund, the following cases must be submitted:

Product received in a bad condition: in case the product has been received damaged or defective.

Badly delivered product (not chosen by the customer): this is when the customer chose a product and an unsolicited product arrived.

* Note: if these requirements are not met, unfortunately Fakirhat Online Shop will not make refunds.

How is the reimbursement process?

The client will make the report through our email or call [email protected]/01627798550, specifying his order number.

Once the email has been sent, we will process the refund report, the customer will receive instructions to proceed with the return.

Once the client has made the shipment, you should immediately contact us and you must send the proof of delivery through our email/call [email protected]/01627798550.

The shipping cost will be borne by fakirhat online shop.

Once fakirhat online shop received the defective or misdelivered product, we will offer a credit of the total amount to be returned to the customer.

Credit will be sent via cash or bkash or any other mobile banking system. In the same way the client will be notified with a call.


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