What personal data do Fakirhat Online Shop require and for what purposes are they used?

The personal information we collect from our customers helps us to personalize and continuously improve your experience on our website. You need this information to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments, maintain and update our files and your accounts with us, make available content such as wish lists and customer comments, product recommendations, and services of interest to you. We also use this information to improve our services, features, and platform, prevent or detect fraud or abuse, and allow third parties to provide technical, logistic or other services on our behalf. We also use this information to adapt our communications, such as by sending emails or messages/SMS with promotions and offers that are of interest to our customers.

These are the data that require:

-Email: this data is very important for us as for the customer, with the email of the customer we can confirm that the account is being handled by the creator of the latter, sending the electronic receipt of the purchase and tracking the article or product, also various promotions or offers on the website.

-Mobile: with the mobile information located by you, it allows us to be sure to locate the customer at any time in case you do not respond to the email in case an accident has happened with the item or product purchased on the website.

-Information of debit or credit card: the cards that enter the website, only the last four indicators are shown so that the customer can identify the card and with which card he made the purchase. With this, customers can process their purchases on the website.

-Shipping address: we use this data to process the shipment and it is only shared with our shipping agent.

Does Fakirhat Online Shop share the information it receives?

The information related to our clients is an essential part of our business and we do not participate in the sale of it to third parties. We only share the name and address of the buyer for the company in charge of making the shipments or our own shipping agent.

Will the information be well protected?

The information that the client gives us will not be shared for lucrative fines. In this way Fakirhat Online Shop does not provide any information to anyone, except the company responsible for making the shipments.

* Note: You always have the possibility to choose not to provide information, although it may be necessary to make a purchase or to use some of the functions of www.fakirhatonlineshop.com.


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